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Letter: Guns and money

Concerning Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s posture on gun control legislation: I think we are overlooking the big picture that the National Rifle Association is heavily supported monetarily by gun manufacturers. Last election almost $45 million was given in support of Republican candidates. That is why the GOP supports the NRA. In order to get this kind of support, they must vote as one. From there, we get our trickle-down support.

Back to Ayotte: Which would you rather have, a small portion of NRA money or voter support? You cannot buy my vote. Ironically, you as our former attorney general, of all people, should support efforts to keep guns out of hands of bad guys.

Then, of course, we have local police clubs raffling off guns to raise money – guns supplied by New Hampshire gun manufacturers. Shame on you.



Legacy Comments1

I’m sorry for the parents of Sandy Hook and also sorry that their grief was used as leverage to make them into political pawns. Criminals and the criminally insane do not obey gun laws. They didn’t obey the plus Torah of laws already in effect at the time this tragedy and they won’t new laws. The real problem here is that “background check” is used as the title on the cover of a book. But the wise reader does not judge a book by the cover. Sen. Ayotte at and her constituents were wise enough to look more deeply into the details of that proposal and found much that was inappropriate and would only criminalize law-abiding citizens with no effect on criminals and the criminally insane. We recently saw another multi-victim tragedy from stabbing-what would gun laws do about that? In addition, isn’t it funny how so many actors say they are against guns but it’s different story when they use guns in their violent graphic portrayals-TO MAKE MONEY!

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