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Letter: Fitting punishment

I have been thinking about all the money and police coverage used last week on the false report of a student with a gun at Concord High School.

On Sunday I was driving around Concord and I thought: Why couldn’t the girl who made the false report be made to do some community service? She could pick up trash on the sides of the roads; there is plenty to keep her busy. Maybe she could do it every day for a couple of weeks or every Saturday for the whole summer? Maybe this would teach her and others that you are responsible for your actions.



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Why can't she Janet? Simple. That punishment wouldn't be HARSH ENOUGH FOR HER! She needs to have some REAL punishment for her thoughtless, selfish, hurtful actions.

Janeg, ..and what of the victim? What justice is there for him? An inadvertent "murder by police" however unwanted by all - could have happened easily. Reading about the profound and lasting negative impact by victims of 'SWATing", the stories reported victims and their families sustained deep and lasting trauma. Its conceivable they would mistrust the police for life, no matter how much rationalization was attempted. What justice for him/them? .

Totally disagree Ms. Greenly - this action caused the male student to be arrested, cost thousands of dollars to be wasted and interrupted the entire school. What if she had held back weeks/months before admitting it was a lie. This kid could have gone to jail and spent thousands in legal fees for her lies, picking up some trash for a few days is far less than the boy would have gotten.

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