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Letter: Homeless trouble in Concord: We are all responsible

Re “Police press charges to clear homeless sites” (Monitor front page, May 7):

Frustration! Reading the news detailing the eviction of our homeless neighbors, I felt indignation first, followed by inability to understand and embarrassment at not doing something myself, leading to frustration.

Several years ago, while trying to explore if our church facilities could be part of a solution, we met with Mayor Jim Bouley and felt his compassion and desire to help. We read stories of many conflicting civic activities, including the recent brainstorming about how to improve the view from Interstate 93. Subconsciously, is this part of that effort?

We all participate in one way or another. We shout “live free” from the rooftops, but urge state administrators to close their property, which happens to be within easy commute to the Friendly Kitchen. City administrators talk about the crime at homeless camps directly opposite the page with the police log, without any sense of irony that people with homes are also hurting themselves and each other. We cheer the conservation of land and creation of parks for walking, almost all requiring a drive before walking in solitude. Today we read of our failure to provide a conservation deed right for our own neighbors.

We are all responsible. We obviously have not done enough. This appears the perfect opportunity for the Sons of Liberty, the faith community and ACLU to join together and demand the simple freedom of pitching a tent on a small parcel of public land convenient to the support systems. When we infringe on the right to exist beside us of those without voices, we infringe on our own existence.



Legacy Comments2

Agree Collie. I am no more responsible for your choices than you are for mine. With freedoms comes responsibility for your choices. Yes we all stumble now and then and need a leg up. We no longer see a leg up as temporary help. Help has become lifestyles, and we are on the 3rd or fourth generation of it. We have plenty of programs. I respect your right to make your choices. They are your choices not mine. The victim mentality in this country is over the top. Nobody is responsible for anything it seems.

We are not responsible for another persons bad life choices. We have not done enough! I think we have done plenty, in fact too much. One is not helped by giving them everything and not calling them into account for their own actions. What we have become is a bunch of enablers not helpers.

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