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Letter: Archaic

Re “Official: House budget has $300 million hole” (Monitor Local & State page, May 8):

Hole in the state budget? Who would have thought? The next governor of this great state should kick the Pledge habit. Only then will we come out of this archaic state of affairs.



Legacy Comments2

last democrat rule increased the budget 25%....... these democrats wants a 12% increase....last Republican budget a surplus without any new taxes.....SPENDING IS THE PROBLEM....NOT TAXATION

..or we could work on the root of the problem & demand our legislators stop spending more than we have. Our neighbor Maine has consistently overspent and makes "going on the dole" more rewarding for too many and for the thinist of reasons. Too many unfunded mandates for health care and now have the dubios status of have more unworking residents than working. Is this what you want for NH?

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