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Letter: Casino lovefest

What a lovefest, the recent unveiling of heightened plans for expanded gambling and the renaissance of Rockingham Park, as reported in the Concord Monitor (“Proposed casino gets bigger,” front page, May 9).

How easy for the good and eager folks gathered to be smitten by pictures, plans and happy talk of the future elegant facilities of the Rockingham casino and surrounding venues. Some of us worry and wonder about this direction and goal and its harmful impact on families and vulnerable individuals.

Is expanded gambling to brand New Hampshire and therefore all of us?

Consider the long tradition of vacationers and seasonal neighbors who come to enjoy and discover the scenic splendor, the arts, fine craft, cultural institutions and traditions that form the quality of our true New Hampshire lives. Will they go elsewhere?

All of us who turn away from the notion of expanded gaming at Rockingham Park, and possible sites to come, call upon the leadership of New Hampshire, to take the high road, and vote No to gambling.



Legacy Comments1

It's a casino, nothing more and nothing less. If people gamble, they gamble. It will not draw people who do not gamble. I would not go near a casino for any reason. Responsible adults choose whether to smoke or drink alcohol or over eat or gamble. That is called liberty and freedom, progressives need to mind their own business and stop trying to be the nanny of everyone.

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