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Letter: Dragging Clinton through the mud of Benghazi

I am shocked at the stupid Republicans in Congress. They are trying to defeat a potential 2016 presidential run by Hillary Clinton by dragging her through Benghazi mud. Go ahead. Do it. Do it now.

Even Sen. Lindsey Graham has said publicly that he does not believe any law was broken. But Republicans appear to be bent on a subpoena of Clinton to Capitol Hill.

Rather than holding hearings to gather information on making outlying posts more secure (not to mention the fact that Republicans refused to fund outlying security in 2011), Republicans are more interested in accusing Clinton, the former secretary of state, of lying, after the fact. They say she was putting a “political spin” on a terrorist event only weeks before the 2012 presidential election.

In politics, it is my understanding that “spin” is the catchword for misinformation, lying, disinformation, fibbing, exaggerating, withholding information and cherry-picking information.

The military has testified in hearings that, given the time frame, there was nothing they could do! Clinton was an excellent secretary of state. She is smart. She knows the game of politics. No, two wrongs do not make a right. But, most women are catching on to Republican agenda.

Hold your Hillary hearings. Do it. Do it now!



Legacy Comments10

Benghazi was Clinton's Swan Song. She doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of being re-elected after this. Clinton is the epitome of being a DINO. Clinton chose to support the Nazi Like Saudi's and their Hitler Like Arab Spring movement. Adding Nazi Like Sharia Law to any country's constitution turns the country into a Hitler Like Dictatorship where the dictator mandates that every one of their citizens must war on American Citizens. The Hitler Like Dictator can execute anyone who speaks badly about the dictator. Clinton made sure that she turned Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya into Hitler Like Dictatorships by adding Sharia Law to their constitutions. Clinton's Swan Song was to fund Al Qaeda to overthrow Syria through Benghazi for the Saudis, so she coult create one more Hitler Like Dictatorship.

Clinton and Obama politicized this tragedy from the very start by creating a coverup to save Obama's election.........they are being dragged through the mud they created......dont forget that Obama and Clinton sent 10 SWAT guys to arrest the so-called movie maker that Obama and Clinton falsely blamed for instigating the murder....... yet they did not send 1 solder to defend the American Ambassador from murder....want to bet that not one single democrat reader of this rag can name even 1 person that was killed

anybody know the reason why Hillary refused to speak to Congress under oath........ANS.....she is a proven LIAR.......anybody remember the whopper she told when the FBI files were found in her residence?

Well, it is not about a "Republican" agenda, it is about the truth, who knew what and when they knew it. The lied about the cause being a videotape and they lied about the spontaneity of the event. Talking points were white washed and we know that for a fact, that was revealed in the New York Times. Beyond that, television ads were run in the Middle East by Clinton and Obama apologizing for a videotape which we now know was not to blame for any of the events. Maureen Dowd, hardly a conservative, is even being critical of how this was handled. Hillary Clinton's rant before Congress "what difference does it make" was deplorable and shameful. This is very similar to the Iran Contra affair and is Nixonian in the overreach by this administration. Four Americans are dead because of a refusal of the White House and State Department to act in Benghazi, a tragedy caused by a total disregard and a lack of leadership. Clinton and Obama have many questions to answer about who knew what and when they knew it, why they refused to act, why they ignored requests for security and what was really going on. If that cuts Clinton off of the knees then so be it.

The repub thugs can demonize Hillary all they want as it will do no good. It's the same old dig up all the dirt on the perceived candidate and what really happens is all the free publicity that goes along with the negative ads. Their method of operation hasn't worked in quite a while as they attack with nothing but negativity. No new ideas just complaints and sour grapes.

Ask Romney if it works.

Some of us actually watched Hillary Clinton testify. Her defense was that she never saw the emails asking for more security. Brushed it off that because there are so many things coming aross her desk, she cannot micro-manage everyone. When pressed, she cried. The vote on funding is one that is also a red herring. Look it up in the defense dept budgeting. See where the money is also alotted from other sources for security. The second in charge at the other hearing said funding was no issue, they get a certain amount and they allocate it to the emabassies that need it the most. In other words they may pull some security money from Paris and put it in Libya if it is a hot spot with recent incidents. Hillary lied for her husband, and put her daughter through hell. Hillary is all about power. She has been an incompetent Secretary, nothing more than a photo op puppet. Accomplished nothing. Bill wants to co president with her. So they both sold out to get in the WH in 2016. Now about the IRS. The incompetence is mounting.

There is a great deal more to the questions surrounding the Benghazi disaster than stupid Republicans dragging specifically Hillary Clinton through the mud. See for example the excellent column by non-stupid, non-republican Maureen Dowd in Sunday's New York Times:

Dear writers, Do you really think your respect level or or respect for your opinions are enhanced by the use of school yard terms like "thugs" "stupid". Such adolescent blustering makes no one is this room look taller, smarter or wiser.

"non-stupid Maureen Dowd" are talking about a women that is terrified of men and hates all men with a rabid frothing at the mouth ..........I contest your characterization of her as a worthy source for anything

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