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Letter: The solution is a carbon tax

Re “Concord students should be made more aware of environment” (Monitor Forum, May 9):

Kudos to Kyle Klose who described how Concord schools taught him to value critical thinking and creativity, and why this training is important in guiding him to find a sustainable lifestyle (one which recognizes limits).

However, I disagree with one of his statements. He said climate change is hard to talk about because there aren’t clear-cut solutions. But there is a clear-cut solution to climate change: a carbon tax.

The reason we have a climate change problem is that fossil-fuel users are allowed to emit pollution into our atmosphere for free. A carbon pollution tax is levied on each type of fossil fuel based on how much carbon it emits into the air. The dirtiest fossil fuels will increase in price the most, and electricity from cleaner fossil fuels, solar and wind power would be able to compete against them. Our carbon emissions would drop.

Most proposals for carbon taxes rebate the revenue to households so folks can cope with rising energy prices. This solution is supported by Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, scientists, economists, legal scholars and policy wonks.

Why isn’t Congress working on a carbon tax? Because Americans aren’t writing and calling their representatives and senators daily asking for a carbon tax. Tell Sen. Kelly Ayotte you want a carbon tax. She will listen when enough constituents speak up.


Brookline, Mass.

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It should be noted that this is not Judy Weiss's first time contacting the Concord Monitor. She regularly writes letters to media outlets throughout the country and actually writes articles for news organizations to support her climate beliefs. She is a member of Citizens Climate Lobby, a national organization of volunteers lobbying for the stability of the climate. Although, I appreciate Ms. Weiss's passion, to represent her letter as a random letter from a concerned citizen is inappropriate in my opinion. It is obvious that by her membership and previous letters, Ms. Weiss has an agenda to influence policy with her letter and not to generate open discussions regarding the issue of climate change. Whatever your beliefs on climate change, research the issue for yourself and come to your own conclusions and make sure you understand the sources of your research. It makes a difference on your conclusions.

"[B]eliefs on climate change..."? Climate change isn't a topic subject to someone or other's belief system. Scientific data is not subject to "belief." The scientific method is not subject to "belief." Scientific conclusions derived from valid, long-term observations are not subject to "belief." Near unanimity among experts in the field is not subject to "belief" unless supported by superior research and at least equal expertise. And what in the world is JM thinking? Until he can demonstrate that no letter writers to the Monitor are active issue advocates, it makes no sense to pick out this one writer because she belongs to a group with which he disagrees. Perhaps it is nothing more than the persistent resentment many New Hampshirites harbor toward our neighbors to the south. Flatlanders, eh?

No scientist will every say that theories are "facts". Climate change is happening but whether or not man can reverse it or do anything to change it is widely disputed and argued.

How did I get two posts?

A double carbon tax for you.

A deeper review will clearly demonstrate that considerable climatic temperature variations were occurring consistently and long before H. Sapien developed the internal combustion engine. The carbon tax is nothing but another socialist scheme that has never decreased CO2 - anywhere. There is much we can do both actively and passively , to help our environment but more taxes to fund failed politically supported schemes is not helpful. However, if you firmly believe what you say; how about you give up your car(s) and ride a horse? Oh, yes, they produce methane also.

Yes, the climate has changed many times in the past. Those changes were due, however, to changes in our planet's orbital eccentricity and tilt that occur in cycles over tens of thousands of years. They're collectively known as Milankovitch Cycles, after the Russian mathematician who did the intricate calculations to uncover them. The rate and amount of fossil CO2 we are adding to the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution is unprecedented in human history. The evidence for a rapidly warming, due to this added CO2, is solid, and a carbon tax may be the best market-based solution to speed a transition away from fossil fuels. Count these guys among the many experts who support a carbon tax.

Bruce, These cycles are my understanding also. However, they were not the only variables to climatic change. Volcanic activity, tectonic shifts and meteor strikes have also significantly affected climate. One of those esteemed UK professors calculated that methane production from the planet's feed stock added much more co2 than industry. Why not end hamburger? A carbon tax is just another "wealth redistribution" scheme. I am not surprised that recipient countries, the "scientists" that have staked their reputations on incomplete data and all those UN countries that see taxing 1st world cultures, as a cure for everything; - I am sure are firm supporters of carbon taxation. Please put the carbon tax systems to work in India and China - let me know how that goes for you. when that is running smoothly, bringing in all that money and impacting climate in a signifigant way, let's talk again.

The evidence in support of a rapidly warming planet is solid--97% of climate scientists accept that the warming is real and that over half of the current warming is due to CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels. There is simply no way to spin the facts when you look at them honestly. As for why this country should adopt a carbon tax, we've been the world's leading economic power for at least a century, and are responsible for a significant amount of the fossil CO2 added to the carbon cycle since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Therefore we have an obligation to do the right thing, and lead the world to a low-carbon future. One way to speed that transition is to begin accounting for the true costs of CO2--a market-based solution that conservatives should embrace. If we lead, others will follow--including India and China.

Bruce, I have more information but the webpage blocks "reply to this comment" below your last post. What the...?

Globul warming stopped 15 years ago....even the IPCC says so

No, that's not what the IPCC. As usual, another distortion of a distortion from the deniosphere.

Global warming "stopped" 15 years ago? The IPCC did NOT say that. And a turn to the scientific record easily shows such claims are false. Both 2005 and 2010 were warmer than 1998, and the entire decade of 2000 to 2009 is the warmest to date, according to NOAA [the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration].

Come to Newport and tell me it "Stopped" When I moved here a gallon jug of washer fluid froze solid in my back deck.. Climate Change is real, my old Friend. We need to as much as we can slow it down !

Number of reports of record high temperatures in U.S. cities in 2012: 362. Number of reports of record lows: 0. do 2013. You may need more room...feel free to use multiple comment fields.

A carbon tax is a scam, pure and simple. There is no energy source currently available which will produce the same BTU needs of Americans like oil and gas. Not the sun nor the wind. A carbon tax would add insult to injury in an economy stifled by the failure of the present administration in Washington, DC. By the way, Republicans, conservatives and economist (the majority) DO NOT support a carbon tax. Ayotte is too intelligent to vote for such a tax.

A majority? That may depend on your definition of "economist". Many leading economists support a carbon tax including such well known conservatives as: George Schultz, Gary Becker, Paul Volcker and Gregory Mankiw. A poll taken by the Booth School at U of Chicago of 42 economists showed support for a carbon tax by 41.

The embattled ex-head of the research center at the heart of the Climate-gate scandal dropped a bombshell over the weekend, admitting in an interview with the BBC that there has been no global warming over the past 15 years......Phil Jones, former head of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, made a number of eye-popping statements to the BBC's climate reporter on Sunday. Data from CRU, where Jones was the chief scientist,

Another cut-and-paste from the deniosphere that seriously distorts what Prof. Jones actually. What he said was that the increase in temperature over this time span was not quite statistically significant. That is very different from the claim that there has been no warming at all.

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