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Letter: Why are they tax-exempt?

Politicians are up in arms about the IRS allegedly targeting conservative groups when they apply for tax-exempt status. If this is true, there is no doubt this is wrong; the IRS should be impartial.

But what we should be asking ourselves is: Why are these groups – conservative or liberal – exempt from taxes in the first place? They’re not charities, they’re not accountable to anyone and they generally pollute our airways with attack ads year round. Those ads running right now for and against Sen. Kelly Ayotte – those groups are tax-exempt. Why?

Obviously it’s because Congress has decided that it’s in their best interest for these groups to be out there, collecting millions of dollars, accountable to no one and enjoying tax-exempt status.



Legacy Comments2

EXCELLENT LETTER! NONE of them should be tax-exempt. Not the NFL, not the Tea Party, not . . . none of 'em!

They are tax exempt for the same reason that say the NFL and their billions are. But I can't figure that one out either. Makes no sense.

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