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Letter: Lay off Congress

In Bill Clinton’s second term, the nation’s business was put on hold to conduct impeachment hearings. Having failed to make Barack Obama a one-term president, Republicans are once again scandal hunting. The result is that the economy, immigration and myriad other pressing issues have been placed on the back burner.

Perhaps we could add another budget-cutting item to the sequester and lay off every member of Congress and their staffs until November 2014. Then the American people can replace the do-nothing Congress with people who possess a work ethic.



Legacy Comments3

So, where was your voice during the years Reagan and the Bush family occupied the Oval Office, regarding attacks on our embassies? The number of attacks and the death toll for embassy attacks during those years is a lot higher, but the GOP parrot-voices such as yours were silent.

We were watching the disgusting video Reagan and Bush blamed the attacks on.

I hardly think that what has transpired with the IRS, the AP and the attack on our embassay is scandal hunting. I guess you could say it is if you believe that security at our embassies is not an issue, freedom of the press is not an issue and the IRS deciding which groups need extra scrunity because of their politics is okay.

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