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Letter: Vote ‘No,’ Senator

Note to Sen. Kelly Ayotte: Please do not support the current immigration legislation in the Senate. The bill being railroaded through is just partisan politics and bad legislation. Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain should hang their heads in shame for not allowing structural changes to the bill, which would strengthen “triggers.” Sen. Marco Rubio is being used as a shill in radio and TV ads fronted by progressive groups to support a “conservative” bill. Baloney!

The Obama and Bush administrations haven’t enforced present immigration laws; how can we trust those taking an oath of office to uphold our laws to uphold this new law? President Obama picks and chooses which laws to enforce and signs executive orders to skirt laws and make his own rules. How can we be sure he won’t play the same nefarious political game with this law?

The Cruz amendment requiring that preconditions be met, like a completed border fence, was rejected by the Gang of Eight because it would “delay the reforms.” So what?

There is no hurry to pass this bill. We should have learned when this same tactic was used by Democrats that Obamacare “had to be passed” or our health care system was toast. We are about to feel the negative impact of that bill, and it will be devastating.

“We the People” empower government immigration policy, not partisan politicians pandering to would be future constituents and special interest groups.



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