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Letter: Don’t believe the polls

I keep hearing how 90 percent of Americans want more gun control. I don’t believe it for a minute.

Most Americans are wise to the fact that polls can be manipulated so the results are in favor of the ones conducting the poll. Some groups hire people to write questions worded in such a way that no matter how you answer them, it looks like you are agreeing with them. To say that that high a percentage of people want to add more gun laws to the 40,000-plus that we already have in this country is ludicrous. What’s two more or 10 more going to do?

Obviously, gun laws are not the answer. They never were and never will be. They are just feel-good measures that serve no useful purpose. After a half-dozen or so or even a couple of dozen I would think that someone would have said “Hey, that’s not working. Let’s focus on something else.” It would be great if as much time and energy were spent on sensible solutions as are spent on something that is a total failure.

Maybe 90 percent of Americans people are still in the dark if they believe another gun law will solve any problems. If they do, they must also believe in polls.



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