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Letter: Birds and people, chased from their homes

Most mornings I walk on North State Street past the YMCA and watch to see the sparrows sitting in the openwork cement blocks catching the morning sun. This is often my first smile of the day. I’ve watched the new babies on their first flights and adults just chatting from one cement block to another. The human children and adults stand and marvel at the chatter and the constant flitting around. If I mention the “bird condos” at the Y, people usually smile knowingly or perhaps just smile thinking I’m crazy.

Last week I was disappointed to find wire netting preventing the birds from nesting. My first thought was that they at least had somewhere else to go nearby after being chased off their camping sites. Not so for the humans being evicted from their campsites on so-called “public land.” There must be something in the water around here to cause so-called decent people to push others away – people who either can’t or won’t live up to their expectations and just want to be left alone. It reminds me of a saying, “property is theft,” which points directly to the real squatters in our free country.



Legacy Comments1

Here's a thought: Since we now know that today's birds are descended from dinosaurs(in fact they are modern-day dinosaurs) and have ruled the earth for a lot longer than humans have - and since birds apparently have an edge in finding new homes due to various reasons (not the least of which are wings) while us humans can't seem to figure out how to stop overpopulating the planet and depleting its resources - perhaps dinosaurs will once again rule the earth???

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