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Letter: Proposed voter measure treats students unfairly

To the New Hampshire Legislature: New Hampshire college students have long played a vital role in our first-in-the-nation presidential primary and electoral process, ultimately becoming heavily invested participants in our democracy. In witnessing and hosting debates and forums on their campuses, volunteering on campaigns, and voting, New Hampshire students are continually encouraged to take part in our deeply valued tradition.

The proposed amendment to the New Hampshire voter ID law has caused much concern among many young voters across the Granite State, as those attending a private college in New Hampshire would be unfairly treated differently from those who attend a public university.

While students who attend Plymouth State University or UNH would have no trouble using their student ID to vote, students attending Dartmouth College or Saint Anselm College would be turned away for using theirs.

As students from Saint Anselm College in particular, a school recognized statewide and across the country for its political activity, we are gravely concerned that such an amendment would diminish the involvement and opportunities that our students have long been afforded.

While we often have our differences on issues being debated at the State House in Concord or in Congress, we have nonetheless united to ensure the equal treatment of students in the New Hampshire electoral process with strong hopes that our counterparts in the Legislature will do the same.



(The writer is president of the Saint Anselm College Democrats. The letter was also signed by Tara Sennick, chairwoman of the Saint Anselm College Republicans; Jake Wagner, chairman of the New Hampshire College Republicans; and Theo Groh, president of the New Hampshire Young Democrats.)

Legacy Comments1

This is such hooey. You can't open a bank account without a valid photo ID, check into a hotel, board a plane, drive a car (how many collage students do not have a driver's license?), buy cigarettes, buy an alcoholic drink and on and on. This argument is clearly an effort to through open the doors to voter fraud. Brings to mind the Ohio democratic who bragged on record she had voted for Obama six times. Then the were the bus loads of out of town voters brought into some voting districts. The provision also makes obtaining a "voter ID" extremely easy. If this writer (and consignors) want to be taken seriously and their chosen political parties also taken seriously, I believe real world issues and efforts help NH citizens would be more worthy causes (and there are many that could use your talents). Consider working on issues to bring more responsible representation; not less. Is this faux issue really worth all your time and effort? I am glad to see you are aware and engaged - now focus on gov't/citizen priorities. Who is trying to have you joust with windmills and why?

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