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Letter: No controversy here

As a member of the New England College class of 2013, I was one of many graduates who was proud to have Sen. Kelly Ayotte as our commencement speaker. I was perplexed to see the May 19 Sunday Monitor publish a story saying that grads protested her speech, because that really wasn’t the case.

Ayotte came to New England College and shared her inspirational story about how she has persevered throughout her career. As new graduates who are headed into the world, it was exactly the kind of motivational speech we wanted to hear, and there was nothing political about it. Yet the Monitor couldn’t resist creating a controversy where none existed.

While a tiny handful of liberal students and faculty tried to use graduation to launch a “silent protest,” the reality is that most graduates were happy with Ayotte’s speech, and we were more focused on receiving our degrees than we were on politics that had nothing to do with graduation. Can’t say the same for the Monitor.



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Agreed - bravo Mitchell and Rabbit is spot-on. In Boston yesterday, the TV was full of anti-Ayotte rhetoric , they tried make applicable to their state/politicians and she is not their legislator. The liberals must be very afraid of her.

Bravo Mitchell. The media is bashing Ayotte at every turn because they fear she will be selected to run as VP in 2016. A great lesson for young folks. A perfect example of how the media operates. They no longer report the news, instead they spin a story to suit their politics.

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