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Letter: We must speak out

Although the U.S. Senate vote on background checks for gun purchases failed (here’s looking at you, Sen. Kelly Ayotte), we must continue the fight for sensible gun laws. Good reasons to speak out exist, especially in New Hampshire, where the chiefs of police are raffling off a gun a day this month; a recent “prize” was touted for its “armor-piercing bullets.” We need to object.

For me, the urge to speak out has intensified as I mourn the double homicide that occurred in the next town over. Two people were shot to death by a felon. A felon with a gun? Don’t we have laws about such things? Yes, we have laws restricting felons – in California a reformed drug felon (who probably can’t get a job), cannot get food stamps. How is it that we managed to create the necessary scrutiny to safeguard the food stamp program and yet we cannot safeguard our communities when it comes to guns?

A convicted felon killed two innocents with a gun he was not legally allowed to purchase. Who sold it to him? If I sell illegal drugs, and I’m caught doing it, I face the penalties for selling the drugs. Gun pushers can take a felon’s money, hand over a gun and walk away. They are breaking the law.

Requiring background checks for gun sales and prosecuting the pushers is a good start down the road to safer communities for all of us.


Eureka, Calif.

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Let me say it again (very slow this time); criminals and the criminally insane do not heed laws. That is why they are called "outlaws". I too wonder why the liberals had to reach out to CA for a writer? Ms. Evans, I urge you to have your state enact the nation's most burdensome guns laws and we will gladly take the results into consideration.

You answered your own question Sheila. He did not follow the law. Felons usually get around it.. Why is someone from CA writing to a NH paper? Is it just to get on the bandwagon of bashing Ayotte? I suggest you write to all the newspapers in the states where the Dems reside that also voted like Ayotte. I find it ironic that someone from the state of CA, a state that has huge issues, feels it necessary to preach to NH.

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