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Letter: Lawmakers ignored wishes of voters

I sincerely hope that come Election Day 62 percent of New Hampshire voters remember that their state representatives voted against them on May 22, 2013, and vote accordingly.

I’ve emailed the “public servants” in my district who voted against my wishes, informing them that if a monkey opposes them I’m voting for the primate! I’ll be visiting Massachusetts, not just to gamble, but for all my vacations. I’ll not voluntarily support a state that disregards the wishes of the people.



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By all means let's rework our entire state image and slogan. Let push gambling and as a new slogan we could go with - Leave the Kids and Come Gamble". This bill was flawed on so many levels where to start. Formost, Millenium helped author the bill, so right off the bat there is one strike. Why put a casino in Salem, I mean it's more an extension of Lowell than NH. Secoondly, just where are these estimated income figures coming from? From the same folks that make up figures as to estlmated income for our State budget? Saying that a casino will generate millions of dollars and thousands of service sector jobs is a far cry from reality. These are numbers being touted by the very ones that would profit personally by passage. On an unrelated note: I have just completed an unofficial poll and it stated with uncertainty by a 90% margin that all of Sails margins of victory comments are wrong.

Did they? According to what polls? If they are so sure they have the precentages to support casinos, then they should have no fear in putting the question to the ballot. I for one, am not convinced they have the numbers they claim. Seeing the legislature can't get this done, then lets put it to us, in the form of a binding ballot question. Casinos, sales tax, income tax. The one with the most votes wins. What is to fear?

Seriously? Did you forget last Novembers ballot question on an income tax? There might be some support for a sales tax, I dont believe its greater than a casino. But, I'm with you...let the voters decide.

I agree whole heartedly with your comment gdn1....

I would love to see a vote all all the issues you mentioned gdn1!

By 22-Point Margin, Voters Favor Obamacare’s Repeal...I guess we should also void ObamaKare

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