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Letter: We know Ayotte

In viewing the recent onslaught of ads against Sen. Kelly Ayotte, I’ve been shocked to see that out-of-state groups think they can flood our airwaves and New Hampshire will believe the distorted picture they paint.

These out-of-state groups, funded by billionaire mayors, forget that New Hampshire knows the real Ayotte, and that is why we overwhelmingly elected her to office. We’re proud of her values and her professional record.

We know that Ayotte is a thoughtful, reasoned voice for New Hampshire in Congress. We also know that she is a mother of two young children and a dedicated public servant who has served the people of New Hampshire as attorney general, working with law enforcement to prosecute and enforce our laws. She has a record of positive results, not one of just repeated talking points like so many liberal lemmings who try to distract New Hampshire’s voters with snarky sound bites.

We know that Ayotte shares our concerns to prevent gun violence, and she has the experience to focus on solutions that matter.

We know that Ayotte’s legislation would have focused on fixing our broken background check system, instead of just expanding it. We know that her legislation would have afforded more resources to prosecute gun crimes and address the numerous mental illness gaps in our current system, and it would have criminalized gun trafficking and straw purchases.

Regrettably, what all these out-of-state groups seem not to know are the people of New Hampshire. We applaud Ayotte for pursuing bipartisan legislation that would have worked toward preventing future tragedies by focusing on the root problems – not expanding an already broken system. It’s inspiring that Ayotte understands the real meaning of “Live Free or Die!”



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Kelly Ayotte is NH's Senator and not bought and Paid for like Jeanne Shaheen. NH Voters are not fooled by some phony democrat poll. If the Democrats they can run Maggie Hassle up against and win they got another thing coming. Maggie Hassle is already failing as a Governor why would we want her as a failure of a Senator. Look what that has done for us with Jeanne Shaheen a nothing senator who is just a puppet for the democrat party.

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