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Letter: It wasn’t me!

With all of the recent scandals involving the Obama administration, they seem to be taking the Shaggy Defense. The singer Shaggy released a song called “It wasn’t me.” It tells of a person cheating and being caught. His friend advises him to say, “It wasn’t me.”

Hillary Clinton’s answer to a question on Benghazi – “What difference does it make?” – could have been followed with, “It wasn’t me.”

President Obama knows nothing about any of the scandals, so he is correct when he states, “It wasn’t me.” After all, he is only the president and he has to keep track of his tee times.

On to Lois Lerner, a top IRS official, who elected to not answer any questions from Congress and has invoked the Fifth Amendment. My advice to Lerner is to drink a fifth and state, “It wasn’t me.”

Jay Carney, press secretary for Obama, is clueless and changes stories on a daily basis. One thing he knows is, “It wasn’t me.”

Attorney General Eric Holder has invoked the Shaggy Defense several times: in the Fast and Furious scandal and the seizure of AP records and others.

Of all of the scandals, the most serious is Benghazi because four brave Americans died, and we do not know what happened eight months later. With everyone in the Obama administration declaring “It wasn’t me,” I can only conclude that it is President Bush’s fault.



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Where was your voice when our embassies were attacked while Republicans occupied the White House?

Dunno about anyone else, but I was watching the spontaneous protests about an internet video. But, what difference at this point, does it make??

Excellent letter Jim. The Monitor has done a yeoman's job of sweeping the scandals under the rug feeding only tiny bits and pieces to their readers. If one was to follow Mike Marland's distorted logic. The Tea Partiers deserve being audited. The Tea Partiers deserve having their personal information fed to liberal publications. The Tea Partiers deserve to be forced to jump through hoops while liberals were given a free pass. The Tea Partiers deserve to have the full force of the federal government forced on them so that Obama and the democrats could win elections in 2012.

Still trying to find other reasons for that severe beat down at the polls. The full force of the federal government? Nowhere have I read this was a nationwide organized program by the IRS. Seems you have identified a convenient new reason why the last election was lost by the Republicans. Interesting the Republicans lost the election before this issue also. The GOP party is entirely changing their view on issues to gain votes and you want to blame the loss on the IRS. The GOP party has accepted that the common point is the GOP views. If I remember correctly, even without these extra non-profits, Reps. outspent the Dems. You lost, get over it and move on.

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