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Letter: Monopoly

If New Hampshire’s new health exchange will consist of only one option, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, then it is an exchange only in the sense that those of us who are self-employed will continue to shell out huge premiums (nearly $10,000 per year for a family of four) in exchange for minimal coverage ($8,000 individual deductible).

That is not a market; it is a monopoly. When will we have a public option, the only real competition that will bring prices down?



Legacy Comments1

It is tough being self employed and having to fund your own insurance, been there, done that. However a call for a public option is not the answer. Our lives are governed by the choices we make. I once was an entrepreneur, I accepted the fact that I would pay my own insurance. I viewed it as a car payment or insurance payment or house payment. Now, I get insurance from an employer and I pay $5000 per year. Next year I will pay $9600 and rather than have a $600 deductible, I will have a $1200 deductible and will lose coverage. Why? Because of Obamacare and this socialized medicine movement. Yes, costs for health care are expensive and guess what, often times it is overblown. I also understand as should any business person that there are overhead costs to acquire technology and new equipment that prolong lives and help us all to be healthier. That is part of the cost of goods provided and has to be factored in. Obamacare or a public option will only cause rationing, longer wait times, more morbidity, less technological advancement and honestly, poorer care provided by less skilled physicians.

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