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Letter: Today is the day

This weekend really bugged me! Memorial Day is May 30. Look at the calendar: It says May 30.

They didn’t change July Fourth, Christmas, Thanksgiving or Labor Day for a three-day weekend. They are all well and good holidays, but Memorial Day is the day to honor our service people who have served for us in all kinds of battles and gave their lives. It is for the veterans who also served and for those who are now dying and serving for us, but this government has the audacity to change the date so you all can have a longer weekend.

Memorial Day should be remembered with the parades we once had and to be proud of our service people who are fighting for us!


South Sutton

Legacy Comments4

this issue is not in my top 100 of problems BIG Govt needs to deal with

Well, for example, some of us who served in Vietnam travel for Memorial Day reunions, keeping in mind the distinction between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

My calendar says the last Monday in May. May 30th happens to be the original date for Memorial Day, but any further significance for that particular date seems presently unknown. In 1971, the Monday Holidays Act went into effect, moving Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day to Mondays perhaps to allow for more extended celebration. Veterans Day was subsequently moved back to it's original commemoration of the last day of World War I. Martin Luther King Day and Washington's Birthday are moved to Mondays, and some objection might be made on the grounds of meaningful association. But what does it matter if Memorial Day is on a given Monday instead of May 30th, so long as it is profoundly respected?

Extended celebration?? I dont see that happening. Also, Memorial Day is for remembering those who gave their lives only, Veterans day is for honoring everyone else.

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