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Letter: The House was right

If there is money enough in New Hampshire to raise millions of dollars by taxing casino gambling, then we can raise the same amount by more efficient methods. And it won’t require enriching out-of-state owners or paying the social costs connected with gambling. The New Hampshire House made the right decision.



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Most people completely miss the whole point on this issue. Casino gambling wasn't defeated, this particular piece of flawed legislation was defeated. Some of the no votes were cast because of this bill not over the concept of gambling. This bill was co-written by the very folks that stood to benefit by it, Millennium. If we truly want casino gambling, we owe it to ourselves to do our due diligence and do it right. As for Gracchus's comment on the competency of our legislators, we do definitely get what we pay for.

The gambling debate has demonstrated what I have claimed since I moved here in 1980. A clear majority of the New Hampshire electorate is nothing but bunch of selfish, skinflint crybabies. And they find ways to elect mostly incompetent legislators who are more than happy to kick anybody who is down, trash anything of value the state can do, in order to pander to their constituents. And if the legislators can pass a bill that favors their own favorite special interest, well it's all in a day's work as long as nobody violates The Pledge.

LOL...feel free to return.

I'm sorry for that first was rude. I have a better point. Have you ever paid any more to the state than any of the "selfish, skinflint crybabies" have???

GW, are you suggesting that I ought to make voluntary contributions to the state so that the selfish skinflint crybabies can continue to have a free ride? At various times my residence was substantially over-assessed, and I chose not to seek an adjustment. I value our schools, roads and firefighters; and I was perfectly willing to pay more than my fair share to maintain them. Funny thing - if there were a reliance on casino money, my contribution would be zero.

Yes I see. At various times, my house was also substantially over-assessed, and I chose not to seek an adjustment. Remember that.

would anybody vote for Casinos if their was NOT any TAX money in it for BIG bloated Govt?....that should be the litmus test for everyone

Big bloated government? In New Hampshire? Pure delusion!

democrats lead by Haggie raised spending 25% in their 4 years of rule and Haggie is now proposing another 11% increase right after the Responsible Republicans had to balance the budget mess left by the democrats and they starting with an almost $1 billion deficit - naaaaaaaaaa NH has no bloated Govt - the population must have grown 36%

I challenge you to come back to this forum with the True Facts on the % increase in State spending the last 10 years....HINT......The democrats budget this year alone would be a 10 percent increase in all funds

So, if the House was right, then the state legislatures of the 41 states that have casino gambling are all wrong? Why is it that none of those other states have regrets? When that 41 state count is up to 49 and NH is the lone hold-out, what will the excuse be then?

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