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Letter: Taxpayers need help

The working people of New Hampshire cannot keep paying higher tax bills every year. I got my tax bill recently for my old barn on Route 4. It rose 40 percent in one year: $1,400 in 2012 to $2,382 in 2013. I think we all need help with the tax bills. We need the casino to help the poor taxpayers. I live in Salisbury. I paid $1,200 in 1986; now I pay around $8,000 for my full tax bill. Help.



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Even as Obama deficits topped $1 trillion over the past two years, House and Senate democrat lawmakers in the 112th Congress introduced bills that, if all had been enacted, would have hiked annual federal spending by $1.3 trillion, according to a study by the National Taxpayers Union Foundation

Over 50% of the private property in NH is in "Current Use" status paying very little tax. Only 7% of the properties are actually farmlands, 44% of the property are owned by the wealthiest income bracket, 43% are the smallest 10 to 30 acre plots behind homes and 82% are individual/family owned plots. In a property tax state, it is time for all those non-working farm land owners to pay the full tax on their personal property. They want the property but want everyone else to pay the higher taxes. Wake up NH.

Albert, sorry to hear of your additional burden. This is a direct result of electing politicians who spend more than we have. its a complex picture but that piece of the puzzle is irrefutable - from here - electing fiscally responsible legislators can help. Voting for overspending incumbents , even if they old familiar faces and names - will get you more - of what you just got. Even with more responsible politicians it will take a long time to turn back the damaging systems and regulations put in place the by tax-n-spend types.I believe those who think a income tax is a cure all that will bring lower property taxes are sadly naive - when was the last time you saw a tax removed? Really? Remember this at the next election; more tax burdens or responsible government.

Lower taxes are a direct result of lower spending.....that is a truism the democrats will never ever understand. Adding another casino tax to raise more money is not the solution - lower spending is the solution

Yep, that's the way the world's most unfair tax system works. But this is New Hampshire, so don't don't look for any changes.

Unfortunately, in every single state where politicians promised that if an income or sales tax was instituted that property taxes would drop, that has not happened. They may go down for a short but they will go right back up again. Even heard of Proposition 2 1/2 in Massachusetts??

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