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Letter: Sophomoric argument

The ultra-rich, right wing of the Republican Party must be getting nervous over the potential resurrection of the Disclose Act in Congress. Sen. Mitch McConnell wrote a column for the Washington Post, which the Monitor republished May 24. “Forcing donor disclosure violates the First Amendment” is the way McConnell wants us to look at an attempt to change the Supreme Court’s decision that corporations are people and those corporations have a constitutional right to donate whatever amounts they want, to any candidate, in secrecy. This easily allows huge multinational corporations (with subsidies from any country in the world) to make donations of any amount into U.S. politics.

McConnell sees some mystical link between the Disclose Act and the recent IRS review of several hundred applicants for tax exemption under 501(C)(4). The IRS problem was created by top-echelon civil servants carefully reviewing 300 organizations, of which about 80 had “patriot” or “tea party” in their titles. McConnell accuses the unionized IRS workers of conducting these reviews, completely hiding that such unionized workers would be the worker bees, not the top management.

Then he says that “some on the left are now arguing that the IRS scandal is reason to revive the Disclose Act.”

McConnell does a terrible job trying to take two widely separated issues and tie them together to use the IRS “scandal” to shoot down the Disclose Act. His column shows what sophomoric leadership the Republican Party has in the Senate.

It would help if the Republican Party and its ultra-rich backers came out of the closet and began to work for the American people, not their bottom lines and the ultra-rich. The middle class deserves better representation. The Republican leadership is failing.



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the Disclose Act is ILLEGAL !!!!!!!! the SUPREME COURT decision : NAACP VS Alabama.......The Supreme Court ruled that Alabama's demand for the NAACP's membership lists had violated their rights ....this is settled law since 1956

You must feel pretty high up on your high horse tossing around highfalutin' terms like "settled law." Just so you know - the NAACP is a 501c3 tax exempt organization, quite unlike the c4 groups covered by DISCLOSE. "[S]ettled law since 1956." You betcha! Just happens to be a different law.

Wow! The Republican leadership is failing? I guess you consider the Community Organizer to be doing a great job with Libya, the IRS, Fast and Furious, the Atty General, etc, etc, etc... Please don't put scandal in parenthesis Walt. Even your own leadership is starting to run for cover. The bunglers from Chicago are showing the world just how truly corrupt and incompetant they truly are!

And this has what to do with the Disclose Act?

Why should it be relevant? Don't the rules of rhetoric allow that if you can regurgitate the key phrases from Glen Beck, WND, Sean Hannity and their ilk you may insert them at random into any argument?

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