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Letter: Bloomberg is wrong

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been pouring money into our state, blanketing our airwaves, trying to convince New Hampshire residents that he knows what is best for our state. He is trying to persuade New Hampshire that he knows how to fix the problem of gun violence that plagues our country – and most especially, his own city.

If Bloomberg’s so-called solutions are the key to solving gun violence, why are they now not working in his own back yard? The high crime and murder rates of cities like New York are not something we want to emulate, especially on a national level.

Bloomberg’s group has been targeting Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who as attorney general garnered the support and respect of law enforcement throughout our state. Ayotte, a former homicide prosecutor, knows all too well the devastating effects of gun crime and what solutions will be effective in addressing the real problems.

Ayotte advocates common-sense solutions, like devoting more resources to prosecute gun crimes. She knows that we must address the mental illness gaps in our current system, and criminalize gun trafficking and straw purchases.

Bloomberg may have money, but he can’t buy Ayotte’s knowledge and experience.



Legacy Comments1

Prosecuting gun crimes sounds just so "right!" Unfortunately prosecution should be the very last step in the process of making guns unavailable or less available to those whom we all agree ought not have them. If the instant check system keeps thousands of ineligibles from buying guns either from dealers or private parties, I consider that a triumph. Apparently the letter writer prefers private sales to remain off the radar and deems the current system a failure because those who fail the background check are not all behind bars (each at a cost of over $30K / year out of all our pockets).

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