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Letter: On Main St., thinking ahead

The Concord City Council has approved the Main Street redesign project. I suggest that the city should now send its street-painting crew out to repaint Main Street lines to create the wider driving lanes, median, wider sidewalks and the parking spaces that will exist after the project is complete. After a few weeks of experience with this faux painted setup, any unexpected problems should show up and perhaps lead to minor modifications.

It would be a shame to wait until after all of the heavy civil engineering work is done to say, “Gee, we didn’t foresee that problem.”



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The reason they didn't try it before they bought it, is they didn't have the time. That's not me talking, that's what city staff repeatedly told the Complete Streets Committee. In fact there had been budgeted $65,000 to try it out. But no time. No time to try out new traffic patterns and no time for a parking inventory and study. And now that the projects been approved by the city council we also see they didn't have time to determine how and who pays, how and if the sidewalks and streets will be heated. They approved the project without knowing what types of signage there would or were it woud be placed. Because they need to hire a new set of consultants, because the ones we have aren't experts in signage (at nearly $1 million). All because there isn't enough time. So to paraphrase what one of our city councilors said at the meeting last week; I know this is a roll of the dice, but I’m hopeful it will be successful. With that type of assurance how can anyone be concerned about the success of this project

“No time” does not really explain it, however. Had there been any semblance of either (a) cohesive push-back from downtown commercial interests or (b) more than just one sober, clear-eyed adult leader on the council (nice try anyway, Liz), “no time” would have meant: “no project.”

Great idea!

Yes; it WOULD be a very critical and illuminating preliminary step towards implementing such a major traffic flow change. I (don't) wonder why the brain trust that came up with this proposal either failed to think of or suggest this. They probably fear a backlash would result in the project's cancellation when the entirely foreseeable traffic and business loss nightmare/debacle ensues; much safer to let the chips fall where they may once the project is fully built and tearing it up would be prohibitively expensive.

Let's be honest, they are rushing in to spend this grant money like a kid with a dollar rushing in to buy the first piece of candy they can find before their parents say "no". They are spendthrifts with egos and agendas. They don't want to listen to others, they have their own ideas.

Very logical and a good idea. Either you are a civil engineer or you ought to be.

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