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Letter: Status quo isn’t working

The chance of a casino went down in flames recently. It would have brought in a great deal of money to our state. I do not gamble, not interested. However, I did support the casino.

State lawmakers have also voted down a cigarette tax and a gasoline tax and do not want a sales or income tax. My question to them: Where are you going to get the needed revenue to keep necessary services? You cannot keep dumping your responsibility on the towns and property taxpayers. The apex of what can be afforded has been reached.

The argument against the casino, along with other lame excuses, was that it would cause addicted people family problems. Really! Well, we better vote in Prohibition, because a lot of people who drink are addicted and are causing more problems than a casino ever would. So, you better stop selling booze and close all the liquor stores while you are at it.

The Legislature has outlived its usefulness. We need some fresh ideas under the gold dome, folks who can think outside the box. The status quo is not working. The New Hampshire Advantage! What advantage?



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It totally depends who is running the casino. Foxwoods is 2 Billion in debt. They give each of their 900 tribe members a stipend of 100 grand a year. Notice when you go to Foxwoods you do not see any of the tribe working there. They had MGM Grand built when the economy was in a slump. Mohegan Sun is run better and attracts a younger crowd to their concerts and the fact that it is a smaller place. Folks who like to gamble will gamble. They will go to MA and spend their money there. Simple as that. Shorter distance then driving to Foxwoods for day trips, and if the complex has an entertaimnet venue, the Verizon in Manchester will suffer becaause of it. NH is late getting into the casino business. I personally think up North is a better venue for a casino in NH. It will attract all the tourists whith each season. Ski, Fall and Summer seasons.

The issue is that progressives / Democrats want a sales or income tax or both. That is their ultimate goal. They claim to be concerned about property taxes but their real concern is about getting more money for their spending habit. They claim to worry about the welfare of those who will gamble and lose money but they are in support of taking money in the form of a sales or income tax from those same people. Stop and think about a person earning $50,000 who gambles. If they gamble $2500 per year and win part of the time, they would still be ahead than if the state took that $2500 in taxes.

ItsaRepublic: Good point. I think you are absolutely correct. It really is too bad because Casinos have many other things going on beside gambling. They hold big conferences, events etc. I think it would have been a good thing and the location was good and design very nice. Young folks are starting to leave this State in droves, because it is so backward. No place is perfect, but this State just does not get it. The progressives may want a sales or income tax, but you will never see that either, so we just keep drifting backwards. Good comments, thanks!

My company just had a corporate event. It cost $100,000 for rooms, meeting rooms and provided meals. That would have thrown $8000 in NH state coffers in just two days. What about the companies who spend $500,000? Well, that would be $40,000. Say that the casinos have three meetings per week and bring in $125,000 per event in meetings similar to those two examples that would be $30,000 in rooms and meals taxes or $1.6M in revenue and it costs NH nothing. Now, most of those folks will eat elsewhere as well, spend money at the malls, etc. You are correct, anti gambling folks are short sighted, not to mention all of the taxes that would have been paid locally and to the state by that casino. As far as young folks leaving the state, that is nothing new, I graduated from college here in NH nearly 40 years ago and only worked in this state for about a total of 7 years. The good jobs are elsewhere. NH is a nice place to live and raise a family but not so easy to raise a family if there is no work......that also has a political solution.

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