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Hot Topic: Final words of advice for graduates

We asked Monitor readers last week for their best advice for students graduating from high school. The response was terrific. Here are the final few submissions.

Stay positive

Consciously maintain a “cup half full” positive outlook. It will serve you later as you age, and you’ll be happier living your life presently.

Try whenever possible to “pay it forward” – just small gestures of kindness and helpfulness count.

Collect and nurture strong friendships – there is no substitute.

Always give others the benefit of the doubt before you are irritated, critical or judgmental.

Spend time investigating a career path that you can be passionate about, and then pursue the necessary targeted education.



(The writer is a soon-to-be retired occupational therapist.)

Exercise, listen and
live within your means

Take responsibility for your actions. Don’t blame others for something that is your fault.

Live within your means. Don’t go into debt to buy something unless it is for education, housing or transportation. Say no to credit-card debt.

Exercise regularly and eat healthy. Later in life you will be happy you did this.

Always keep an open mind. Everyone is different and that is okay.

Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to learn from them.

Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Start saving for retirement as soon as you are able.

Be a good listener and respect that others have a right to their own opinion.

Don’t let someone else’s bad mood or actions ruin your day.

Don’t become a workaholic.

Schedule an annual physical examination.

Show compassion for those who are less fortunate than you.

Thank a veteran for their service to our country whenever you get a chance. They helped secure the freedom that you enjoy.

Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Remember that most things that you do have consequences, both good and/or bad.



(The writer is a corporate controller and CPA.)

16 quick tips

Things get much more difficult before they become easier.

∎ The choices you make will define you, your future outcome and your success in life.

∎ Always do the right things for the right reasons, even if they are unpopular.

∎ Don’t be afraid to take chances. If you make mistakes, you are young enough to recover from them.

∎ Leave your ego at the door, be humble and never throw the other guy under the bus to get ahead.

∎ What goes around comes around. Stand on principle and practice what you preach.

∎ Life will offer you many opportunities. Seize those opportunities and play them out.

∎ Failure is a tough lesson, but it makes you stronger, more resilient, more determined. It is better to have tried and fail than to have never tried.

∎ Treat others at work as you would like to be treated; avoid the politics of the workplace.

∎ Be self determined, look inward for strength and respect yourself.

∎ Always maintain a “can do” attitude; never surrender to reliance on others.

∎ If you meet your soul mate; don’t let them go!

∎ Be a student of life, your job and the world; never stop seeking out e_SQuSknowledge, personal and professional growth.

∎ The most important thing you can lend to your occupation is passion.

∎ Before others will ever understand you, you first need to understand them.

∎ Be yourself, be unique, be different. There is nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your drum!



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