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Letter: A stingy state

As the House-Senate committees of conference start their negotiations, it’s important that citizens contact their state senators to advocate.

The Republican majority is blocking anything that is part the Affordable Care Act. They won’t even allow New Hampshire residents to be informed of the changes coming Jan. 1, as they are blocking the
$5.3 million grant that has already been awarded to New Hampshire to educate us. It’s okay with them that this money will be distributed to other states, instead.

They have deleted the expansion of Medicaid from the Senate budget, even though this is completely paid by the federal government. This affects everyone. For those of us fortunate to have health insurance, our rates are affected, because those without must have health services, too. We pay for their care through our property taxes, among other ways.

The Senate budget also uses devious measures to appear to shrink state government and decreases the state payroll by $50 million. The number of state employees has already been decreased from 12,000 to 10,000.

There is no more fat in the state budget. We know that vital services such as mental health care, services for the disabled and support for schools have all been affected. These are not “wishes,” but necessary services.

New Hampshire is not a poor state. It has the eighth highest household income in the country. We are a stingy state!



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Dear Representative Bartlett . . . I don't know how long you've been in office or where you came from but you must not be from around here if you're just now figuring out that NH is a stingy state.

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