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Letter: Support carbon pollution standards

As a small-business owner in New Hampshire, I support carbon pollution standards because they will have a positive impact on the health of my community, productivity and the success of my business. I’m not alone.

Last year more than 125,000 small-business owners put their support behind the EPA Carbon Pollution Standard for new power plants, because of the clear market signals it sends, while also encouraging investments in cleaner, safer technologies.

According to a recent survey by Small Business Majority, 64 percent of small-business owners in Maine and New Hampshire favor limiting carbon emissions from power plants. It’s clear that the majority of small business owners in Maine and New Hampshire strongly favor the EPA limiting carbon pollution from power plants. We hope that Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte will stand with New Hampshire small businesses to support carbon pollution standards. The evidence is clear that taking positive action to reduce carbon is critical and putting in place a market-based system to encourage changes is an approach that works. This is not about picking winners and losers; it’s about picking winners and winners. Our children, families and businesses are counting on them.



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Can somebody please describe in real terms the size of a ton of Carbon.....these should be fun answers

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