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Letter: No more do-gooder laws

If the Senate and House of Representatives are so sure they won’t raise taxes to fund Obamacare and since they are so “truthful,” how about they pass legislation saying the law will be automatically repealed should they not fund the percentage promised every year to states for increased Medicaid costs?

Congress won’t do this because members know they have to keep raising taxes to pay for all the promises they make in order to get re-elected.

Do me a favor. Stop passing do-gooder laws and start reading the Constitution as to what your duties are.



Legacy Comments1

Harriet, "automatic repeal for non-payment" Great idea!!! Maine is going through this now. The state mandated hospital with a promise to pay for for - and does not - huge debt load on their citizens. Instead of walking into the same trap; how about a little vicarious learning? id the gov't does what they promise - no problem.

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