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Letter: Outsider influence

My wife received a fundraising letter from Sen. Kelly Ayotte in which she complained that she was being attacked by “bully billionaire” Mayor Bloomberg from New York and by the “liberal media” – outsiders who “tell our friends and neighbors in New Hampshire how to live our lives.”

I agree with her that New Hampshire voters should think for themselves and take outside advice with a grain or two of salt, and I deplore all the negative attack ads, especially those from outside and often unidentified sources. So, I presume Ayotte – feeling strongly as she does – will not accept support or money from other outside groups or the conservative media who also want to “tell our friends and neighbors in New Hampshire how to live our lives.”



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Don't be surprised if Mayor Bloomberg is considering a run for President. He is drunk on power and thinks he is going to tell N.H. how to run things in our State. That will be the day! I have had it with all this Government intrusion into our lives. If this continues, I predict a "REBELLION" is coming and the Constitution gives the citizens the right to do it when Government is overstepping and out of control. Where and when did they forget they work for us. All we need to do now, is get the citizens out of the fog they are in and we might get back on track.

If he was to run for President, we would all be drinking 16 ounce beverages and now, in NYC they want food stuffs separated from other parts of your trash, meat picked from bones, etc. He is truly a holier than thou liberal. Might even be worse than Obama.

Kelly Ayotte's suggestion is 100% accurate. Bloomberg (16 ounce soft drink restrictor) is a bully billionaire and his anti gun movement is "astro-turf"

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