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Letter: Despicable behavior

I have never before witnessed adult behavior as despicable as that of the guns-at-all-costs shouters who disrupted the gun regulation rally in Concord on Tuesday. They shouted hate and nastiness as pastors offered prayers for the families of those killed with guns. They met pleas for respect with curses, personal attacks and schoolyard taunts. They tried to shout down a man who had lost his daughter to gun violence.

The only thing the shouters succeeded in demonstrating was just how far out on the fringe Sen. Kelly Ayotte went when she voted against common sense gun control. Using shouts of “Ayotte, Ayotte” to trample on the First Amendment rights of others, the hecklers showed us exactly who the senator sided with in casting her vote. She sided with fear, lies and complete disregard for the thousands who have lost a loved one to gun violence. She caved to a tiny minority – loud in their views but not representative of our state or country.

Bullies must not prevent us from finding a way to protect our children and our society from gun violence. I call on Sen. Ayotte to show us that she has more to offer than the shouters, that she can do more than scream “no,” that she can reconsider her position and help pass common sense gun regulation. And if she does not, I ask my fellow New Hampshire voters to show up as the quieter majority in 2016 and elect someone who will.



Legacy Comments1

Yes, this ardent supporter of the constitution got carried away. However, the act pales in comparison to the soc/left bugging legislators, office and turning the IRS in a leftist political tool. Ever see a soc/left meeting disrupter apologize life this fellow did? Ever see a soc/left fraudulent voter apologize like this fellow did? Ever see the soc/left media that broker in writers/journalists private email apologize? OK, you now have your few minutes of soc/left belligerence while most us have a wider view of current events.

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