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Letter: How to run elections

Evidence of illegal voting ballots has surfaced again. One non-Caucasian woman admitted to completing and submitting up to 11 ballots.

This woman appeared to be around 50 to 60 years of age, which says a lot. Imagine what a younger person may have or could have done. Maybe we won’t have to worry about this happening again in the next election. There is only one two-part way to run elections if you want honesty to survive.

First, double fines if one is convicted.

Second, allow states to require proof of citizenship and, most important, photo ID.

There are more individuals that already have a photo ID than not. What is so difficult?



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Evidence of actual vote fraud is almost nonexistent, despite efforts by those interested in perpetuating and enlarging conservative voter suppression efforts, to highlight every isolated incident of vote fraud and then claim that vote fraud is widespread. This supposedly justifies their efforts at voter suppression. The letter-writer provides few details on the incident to which he refers, but if he's referring to an Ohio "non-Caucasian" poll worker who apparently cast at least 6 votes, he neglected to tell the rest of the story. She was caught and will be charged with the crime of committing vote fraud, for which there are stiff penalties. There's also this tidbit at the end of the article: "Most attempts are caught by the system. But there are cases that do slip through, as this one does, and we need to make sure that we really send a strong message, that if you do this, you are going to be held accountable,” Husted said. “It might mean fines, it might mean jail time." Read more: It's interesting that the right goes into fulminations at rare and isolated incidents of voter fraud, but cares not a whit about the many thousands of disenfranchised voters in Florida and elsewhere who were unfairly removed from voter rolls in 2000 and later. Their motto is a variation on better safe than sorry: better to disenfranchise thousands of potential Democratic voters than to allow a single episode of Democratic vote fraud to occur at the polls. Perhaps the "fraud" that is in theory possible with absentee ballots--which tend to be predominantly Republican--should be looked at.

One word for you Bruce, ACORN

Absentee ballots he asks. Yes, I remember in 2000 how Democrats tried to block absentee ballots in Florida of soldiers serving overseas. I guess, somehow, that was a Republican conspiracy. Talk about 'disenfranchised'. But as long as a dead person votes or polls stay open late or someone is not questioned that they are a citizen.....I guess they are more entitled than our service people.

The GOP has actively worked to suppress voter turnout over 3 federal election cycles, by purging the rolls of "felons", shortening hours, and reducing the number of days for polling. A few GOPers are even honest enough to admit it.

You're confusing voter registration fraud with voter fraud--they're not the same. Registering "Mickey Mouse" to vote might get you over the top to meet your quota of registrants, but Mickey is unlikely to show up to vote. Actual voter fraud is rare.

Well Tillie, the writer is obiously pro clean elections. You might not have seen it because you stated a while back you prefer to read and listen to media that agrees with you. My guess, that means liberal media and they are very anti clean elections so they did not report it. The Non Cauccasian line is a way for someone to not say she is Afro American. because when someone who is not a liberal mentions ethnic origin they are often times called a racist by the left. That is my take.

Could I have a link please? Also unlike you I don't really remember saying that I only listen to media that agrees with me, but as I am sure I am older that you, you remember better than I do what I said. But actually I watch all media except right wing stuff so it must have been on there. Since the Republican party will soon only be a party of mainly white men, it is no wonder they are worried about a few non-Caucasians voting. People are usually pro clean elections when their side is losing. Finish.

People are only pro clean elections when their side is losing! You cannot believe that Tillie. Everybody wants clean elections, other wise why vote if the game is rigged. Nothing to do with party. Except that one party wants clean elections and the other party comes up with lame excuses about folks with no ID's. Where are those folks with no ID"s? I do not see them on TV or stories in the paper about them. And if I had no ID and I treasured my freedom to vote, you would bet I would get an ID for 10 bucks at the DMV that lasts 5 years. I would also question how folks with no ID's cash checks, get their meds, etc with no ID. What is with the white men remark? There are blacks, hispanics, women etc in the republican party.

Wow Tillie, you are in denial. This story has been reported by quite a few news outlets. I guess if you do not like the message, just deny that it is true. Folks do not want to accept that voter fraud happens, the only reason for taking that stance is because the left want votes no matter how they are attained. That is also the reason they want amnesty for illegals. So much for the integrity of the vote.

I must have missed it on all the "news" outlets. I do think when you write a letter you shouldn't just assume everyone knows the details that you do and give some factual information of who, when and where. It would make the letter make more sense. What does he mean by a non-Caucasian woman? Don't they know who she is? I do not believe something just because someone writes a letter to the paper. I know many people are much more eager to believe something if it reinforces what they believe anyway.

Non-Caucasian? Obviously voting Democratic. Since no information is given, names, dates, state, no way to know the truth of this story unless of course it was on talk radio or Fox or the most reliable of all, the internet, then it has to be true and no facts are needed.

why do the democrats always fight to have integrity in our ballot process?

Simple answer. They think that they have all of the answers and anyone who disagrees with them has to be immediately wrong. So, to win their point, they are willing to cheat, lie and win in any way that they can. It reveals their lack of character, morals, ethics and sense of right and wrong.

Or just maybe, reality has a liberal bias. Your claims of widespread cheating by Democrats to win elections are not supported by the facts. To the contrary, Republicans are the ones increasingly resorting to desperate measures to limit and restrict access to voting. Unless and until they enter the 21st century, it's likely the only way they'll delay their coming status as a permanent minority party.

Actually, a simple search will reveal that there is widespread cheating by Dems to win elections.Been going on for quite a while, even jokes about it. "Vote early and often".

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