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Letter: To the people of New Hampshire

I am writing this letter in hopes it will be published with all of your love and support behind me.

My son, Joshua Lamy, is an inmate at the state prison. The prison decided to relocate him to the Berlin facility at the beginning of this year. Prison officials don’t have to have a reason to move him.

I, his mother, have recently been diagnosed with multi-myeloma cancer and chronic kidney failure. My son requested through the prison chain of command to be moved back to the Concord facility, where I could drive myself to visit him. They, in return, responded that they don’t have to make visiting part of their protocol and do not plan to move him anytime soon.

Look, I have cancer. There is not a cure for multi-myeloma, however, it is treatable. I am doing chemotherapy twice a week and also dialysis three times a week for my kidney failure. The kidneys have been affected through the cancer.

I just don’t see where the prison can’t grant a dying mother the time she has left to be able to spend with her only son. Once I have passed on, he has no problem being transferred back north. It’s just that I can’t drive the three-hour trip to get up there. My husband and daughter both work or they would take me.

Also, I have dialysis on Saturdays, which is one of his scheduled visiting-time days. If he was here in Concord, I could see him twice a week (per prison policy) until my end. He lost his father to cancer just a few years ago, and he went so quickly that I just don’t want to lose any time with my son that could be so valuable to us.

Please help us. Families should be together during these painful times, and there is no reason in the world not to spread a little love to someone these days.



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I'm sure that, as his mother, she is hurting and sad, but as a tax payer I understand why the state refuses to move this inmate. He made a choice which resulted in a crime being committed that caused death. He is lucky he lives in the US vs another country where he would have been put to death for his actions. If the prison system starts to take requests from families or prisoners about where they reside then who pays for them their secure transports? Me- that is who. I am sick of paying for people to live when they take another's life, let alone moving them around because they are missing out on seeing their sick mother--- tough. Maybe he should have thought about his family and his freedom before he drove 100 mph, drunk and killed an innocent baby. I feel bad for his mom, but only to a point. Maybe she should have instilled some better values in her child before he killed another's child? I may seem harsh, but I think crime is a harsh thing. When you impose on the freedoms of other's you don't deserve your own freedom (like asking to move closer to mom while she is sick). Call me heartless, but maybe heartless is necessary to reduce our crime rate. I know WAY TOO MANY teens/young adults that walk around thinking they are above the law and can do as they wish. I'd like to see some young people with some common sense, values, drive, compassion and desire to better the world and a lot less 'swagger' and tough guys roaming the streets.

I hope I can put my feelings into here it goes...Brenda is my sister...Joshua is my one and only nephew. Our family has been plagued with so much grief, sickness, and sadness. As girls growing up, my 2 sisters and I have never really had a mother. She was continually in and out of lives, eventually my parents got a divorce. So it was just the 4 of us, my Dad and us 3 girls. We all took care of each other the best we could. Later on, Bren got married and she had her son Joshua, and her daughter Missy, they were the LIGHT of our lives! As the years went on, my father fought through lung, throat, breast and stomach cancer and died in 2010. That very same year, Joshua's Dad died of cancer. I understand Joshua made a terrible mistake, but please don't make my sister suffer from it. She loves her family so much. Please, please move Joshua back to Concord so that my sister can have the joy of seeing her 1 and only son twice a week...I am pleading and begging with you.... Jill Hendrickson

I understand that people make mistake and need to be punished. But this women is the sweetest, kindest person I have met in a long time. I hope you can please think of how you will be punishing a wonderful person who has not done anything wrong. Please reconsider moving her son back so she can see him. She lives for her children and grandchildren. Don't make her hurt more than she has to. I just found out about the diagnosis and it brakes my heart. He is not a murderer and she needs her children. Love you Brenda Debra Martin

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