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Letter: Obama’s war

We have gone to war again. That momentous decision was made by one man. President Obama, the Monitor reports, “after months of deliberation, has decided to supply light weapons and ammunition to opposition forces” in Syria. That’s how Vietnam began.

Obama has become the Decider.

We have now come to the point where one person alone can determine whether America goes to war – and no one seems to care. The nation’s founders gave war powers to Congress, not to the president. But, as the late Joe Sobran pointed out, these days “the U.S. Constitution poses no serious threat to our form of government.”



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MICHAEL FAIELLA : Had your short letter not cited Obama's name twice I would agree with your content. Surely your not trying to say Obama is the first or only President to do this. ""We have now come to the point"", that point came and went years ago just as the "late" Mr. Sobran noted. You have the right not to agree or even like a President, but when one makes up stories to try to prove a point it makes your argument less believable.

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