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Letter: Using biofuels strengthens military

The Department of Defense should be applauded for diversifying its fuel mix, yet some elected officials, including Sen. Kelly Ayotte, are trying to block further progress in this arena. As a combat veteran, I stand with the Defense Department in strongly supporting efforts to invest in domestic alternative fuels.

Current defense programs that encourage the development of clean energy technologies, such as advanced biofuels, allow the military to continue its leadership in innovation.

Not only do these efforts strengthen national security by decreasing our reliance on foreign oil, they help save money by protecting the military’s budget from dangerous oil price shocks. I’m deeply disappointed with Ayotte’s position. I hope she’ll reconsider and support these important programs that protect our national security.



Legacy Comments1

Rep. Shurtleff, It is my understanding, the bio-fuels are costing 3x the usual cost. In an ideal world, I too would like cheap alternative fuels but we are already taxed to death by legislators who consistently spend more than they take away from hard-working voters. There must be fiscal responsibility somewhere. if you disagree with my data, please cite verifiable sources. Thank you for enough to serve as an elected representative.

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