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Letter: Blatantly racist letter

The Monitor should check all submitted letters to ensure none are published that contain blatantly racist appeals. The Monitor also should establish that published letters are not based on unverified assertions.

The letter published June 21 under the headline “How to run elections” falls short of both standards. Its second sentence, on which the writer bases his argument, states: “One non-Caucasian woman admitted to completing and submitting up to 11 ballots.”

First, whether the alleged perpetrator was or was not Caucasian should have no place in the discussion of policy on voting. Voting fraud is wrong, whether the perpetrator is Caucasian or non-Caucasian. The letter writer may have had no intention of injecting race into an already-divisive issue, but nevertheless that was the effect.

Second, the reader has no idea whether the incident portrayed in the letter is factual, or whether it is just another of the unfounded rumors about voting fraud that have been circulating for several years. Who was the woman? When and where did the incidents occur? How has the story been verified?

The Monitor does a good job of publishing a variety of letters representing a wide range of opinions on matters of public concern.

Nevertheless, the Monitor also should avoid publishing letters with overtly racist appeals and letters based on information that has not been established as true.



Legacy Comments1

Jack, It is you who needs to checks sources. This was not presumption or assumption - This was all over the national news along with the offenders video proud of her criminal acts and stated she would happily do it again. I salute you for questioning what you see & hear in the media (our country would be better off if more people did). That said, blind faith can lead to bad places.

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