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Letter: Silent no longer

Some friends asked why I hadn’t written to the Monitor in some while. At first, I joked that I was in recovery from my letter-writing addiction. I then realized the truth that I had grown complacent.

The election is over and November of 2014 still seems far off. How do you write anything when the stalemate in Washington has been so effective that we can’t pass the simplest legislation?

The government rarely responds without sustained pressure from the public. The opposition to the Vietnam War was fueled by the draft. The civil rights movement was fueled by lynchings and protesters being attacked with firehouses.

The inaction in Congress has led to words of protest but little action. Recently, a man who lost his daughter to gun violence was shouted down in New Hampshire while reading the names of victims. If this doesn’t motivate so-called progressives, what can?

Shall we accept the death of political activism in America or shall we march until endless war, social violence and economic injustice are defeated?



Legacy Comments3

Very well said TCB. You can apply that theory to quite a few issues that Dems champion. The common sense factor seems to be missing.

Those readers were used as pawns. The laws they want to see would not have prevented those tragedies. These same demonstrators continue to glorify hollywood and condone the daily gun violence images produced by the politically protected there. A bit of common sense would indicate action against the violent image industry. Instead these same people are told to be more afraid of law-abiding citizens with weapons than assailants, rapist and murders. Who is telling them to believe that? Why would some tell you to be afraid of the non-violent instead of the criminal element? When common sense is abandoned - the cause is frequently politics. I am sorry for their loss but also sorry they can not see they are played like violins.

Well said. I usually point out that smart politicians vote against anti-gun legislation because they know the proposed law won't make a difference to those intent on murdering. We already have many gun laws, but they will always want more laws because previous laws didn't accomplish anything. The key, of course, is stop blaming the tool for the crime. Now excuse me while I go back to my realistic shoot-um-up video game.

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