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Letter: I’ll be laughing

I lived in Concord for a year and never once felt like I needed to go to Main Street for anything. All I’m interested in now is Strings and Things, and I can take Storrs Street there and back.

The two-lane plan, parallel parking and super-wide sidewalks are all absolute stupidity.

I’ll be laughing in a few years when the failure becomes evident, although the city will try to declare it a huge success no matter how much of a disaster it turns out to be.


Center Barnstead

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Yup, you have to have a reason to go there, and a place you can afford to do business with. I keep saying that folks overlook the fact the Concord is not Concord MA income level wise. The crowds that gravitate towards Loudon Rd prove that.

Agreed. I've been saying all along, you have to have a reason to go there, and all the upcoming changes ain't reason enough to make a difference. But if a really, really, popular business decided to locate in downtown Concord (ha-ha), that might do it, until you run out of parking spaces.... and they don't want the hassle of parking fees.... and traffic tie-ups because you now have fewer lanes.... So what is long-term goal, and who is supposed to benefit by it - besides some construction company?

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