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Letter: Shame on the Left

I attended Mayor Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” rally last week, although I would prefer to call my attended “A Protection of My Second Amendment Rights!”

I feel strongly that the only heated moments occurred when the name of the Boston bomber, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was read as one of the “victims.” I then decided this was a sham intended to incite emotions to make us protectors of the Second Amendment look like fools.

This was a shameful example of the Left movement, of which Bloomberg and his cronies are a big part.

Being an independent thinker and voter, I will not be interested in or believe any more rhetoric from the Left. They are treading on our Constitution, or should I say, trampling it!

We who love God and our country will prevail.



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Wait a minute, wait just one minute. Blaming the tool for the crime? Who had the bumper stickers that read" Guns don't kill people, people kill people."? Why can't there be background checks on the people that kill people so they are not allowed the "tools" that they use to kill people?

While it may be claimed that it was laziness or a lack of paying attention to details or worse, the reading of the names (of those that were perpetrators of gun violene who had their names on the list that was read) was not what led to the aggresive behavior of the crowd protesting against the 'Bloomberg' rally. I was a casual observer at the rally before the 'trouble' started and I can assure all that there was much aggressive yelling and in your face instances before any questionable names were read. Signs were knocked out of rally supporters hands, middle fingers were thrust in their faces and yelling and screming at speakers and supporters of the rally were the norm by those opposing the rally. It appeared to me that those opposed to the rally were not there to protest but to imtimidate. And when the inevitible occurred because of a mob mentality that clearly threatend the supporters and particpants of the rally, the police were called. No one is challenging the rights of those that were opposed to the rally, only their behavior.

I am not sure when the agression you claim started Allanah, but I did watch the video and I saw a guy in a suit at the podium give the signal to call the cops. He was right there in Mausso's face by the way. I am not defending Musso, as I think he was rude and crude and in my opinion a little tipsy. As far as the list goes, Bloomie has his mayoral staff in charge of that. This is a tax exempt organization and he is using city workers to run it. After all the yelling about the TP and Patriots groups not deserving of the same tax exempt status, it seems a bit hypocritical to say Bloomies group is not political. So the city workers either missed the names of cop killers, etc or it was done on purpose to get those against them angry with the hope they would get emotional when they heard a terrorist's name and act out.

RabbitNH, I'm not defending the lack of oversight in vetting the names that were read. What I can tell you from a personal observation is that the incident I mentioned above did not include Musso, it was another person and the name of the terrorist had not been read at that point. I left before the Musso incident and would say the incident I am referring to occurred a good 15 - 30 minutes before Musso. And when I left it was my opinion that some of those protesting the rally had already become quite aggressive. While I have my opinions regarding what constitutes common sense gun legislation, I also am not offended by vigorous verbal jousting. The protesters had gone way beyond verbal sparring and had become physically intimidating in my opinion. And again I had left before the Musso incident. The Musso incident was the icing on the cake. As the video shows he appeared to be physically intimidating the person at the podium and when the police approached him he clearly placed his hands on the officers shoulders. The Musso incident didn't occur in a vacuum and needs to be evaluated in the context of the events that preceeded this. I believe the individual in the suit was a private security guard. He appeared to me to be quite reserved in the manner in which he was approaching individuals.

Calling this a sham gives shams a bad name

Well said. I'm sure there were many more names read off that were involved in justified shootings, either by police or by self-defense. They are fully aware the public just didn't know their names. Nothing like padding the stats to help the cause. And of course, blaming the tool for the crime.

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