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Letter: Equal without prejudice

Wesley United Methodist Church is one of a growing number of Methodist congregations that identify themselves as open, affirming and inclusive. We believe all people, regardless of gender, economic status, race or sexual orientation, have the right to worship and have a relationship with God. We provide that welcoming home that for so many years was denied to members of the gay and lesbian community based upon antiquated and erroneous interpretations of biblical text.

I am gay and I attend Wesley United Methodist Church. For six years I have been a member of the Jericho Committee, which addresses the needs and concerns of our LGBTQ community. Pastor Brian Fuller of Trinity Baptist Church talked about our “Equal Before God” sign on the lawn (“The true ruling is in the Bible,” Monitor Opinion page, June 29).

While he has every right to his own beliefs and opinions, his explanation of the sign does not reflect the intent that Wesley UMC had in placing the sign.

My God created us all in His image. We are all equal because of this. My God gives His love to each of us equally and His Son encourages us to love one another. We celebrate all people who come to worship God and do not distinguish between heterosexual or homosexual love. Love is love! Equal is equal! We pray for and work toward the day when God’s love will be shared by everyone, believers and nonbelievers. With the recent rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, it seems that day may come sooner than I ever anticipated. It will be a day when being gay is no longer an excuse for being discriminated against by church or state, a day when “Equal Before God” truly means equal without prejudice.



Legacy Comments2

I am OK with open & affirming churches (mine is), for GLBT and whatever. However, if these churches truly want to be considered open and affirming , they need to be open and affirming to conservatives as well! (smile)

I'll bet Wesley is open and affirming to conservatives just as long as the conservatives don't try to hijack the church.

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