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Letter: Differences vs. unity

Re “Multi-faith peace effort in your own back yard” (Monitor Forum, June 11):

I definitely would not support the multi-faith direction that Rabbi Robin Nafshi markets. The reason being is that Muslims, Christians and Jews have very distinctive doctrines. For example, Christians believe in Christ. We are not waiting for Christ to come; we believe he was already resurrected. We also believe in the one true God, Christ. Christ says he did not come to bring peace on earth, so I follow him, not a rabbi. We also believe in a pastor office only held by a man, as Scripture teaches. May we respect the differences versus unity.



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Jews, Muslims and Christians each trace their roots to creation and Abraham Jews and Muslims are not waiting for Christ. Christians believe in a Triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit Many Christian traditions affirm and celebrate the gift of women in leadership and ordain women to the office of pastor, who like a rabbi helps to encourage and comfort us through life and our faith journeys I have found when taking the time to engage one another through honest, respectful and faithful dialogue we that we have much in common, our unity provides a foundation upon which we might appreciate one another’s distinctive doctrines.

Funny, I thought all three religions worshipped the same God.

But in such different ways! Right, Melissa? How and why did they diverge as they did? Could it, and should it, have been otherwise? Why, actually, was it not? Properly considered, such issues might be quite interesting, rather than merely contentious.

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