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Letter: Condescending columnist

Re “Into the frying pan” (Sunday Monitor Viewpoints, June 30):

Like many others, I didn’t appreciate the pathetic showing of Paula Deen in the press and on TV concerning her troubling lack of judgment. But as a person who has certainly had lapses of good judgment myself, I choose to look at Deen with some empathy.

Sunday Monitor columnist Katy Burns, though, should look in the mirror, as she seems to have many traits in common with Deen. She is condescending, opinionated, insensitive and ultra-elitist in every column I’ve ever read; Burns’s column on Deen was mild for her.

Her only indignity leveled was the statement “for those who have been living in a cave somewhere,” referring to the “common” public who don’t know who Deen is.

This is not nearly as shameful and coldhearted as Burns’s enlightening piece awhile back over how ridiculous people are to question our administration over the Benghazi tragedy. I’m sure Ambassador Chris Stevens’s family would have appreciated Burns’s opinion as much as sensitive decent people of all colors appreciated Deen’s enlightening comments. I have empathy for you too, Katy.



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