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Letter: Better plan on immigration

As Congress considers building a wall across our southern border and manning it with new guards, remember that another country built a wall to keep out aliens many years ago.

It did not work then and neither will this new one. It is a waste of billions of dollars better spent on education, useful infrastructure and research.

The solution to illegal immigration is not to punish the immigrants; rather, punish those who hire them. Make it a federal crime punishable by a $10,000 per day per person fine and six months in jail per person per day for the CEO or owner of the business that hires an illegal.

Use the new hires to enforce this law.

Bet it stops quickly.

And yes, there are an estimated 11 million illegals here now.

How about a background check, then issue a green card. This way, they get to pay taxes and Social Security and can have a path to citizenship.

Rather than a drain on our economy, they become a valuable asset.



Legacy Comments3

I think you've touched on a topic--perhaps the "3rd rail" of the immigration debate, and one very important part of the right's 3 decade long attack on the New Deal and the middle class it created. That is, the collusion between government and big business to allow illegal immigration to flourish as the means to lower wages and bust private unions. One of the best examples of this process is in the meat-packing industry. Once, such jobs were solid, well-paying union jobs. Now they are low-wage, high-turnover jobs often filled by illegals lured by the prospect of better wages than in their Central American homelands, and abetted by a government that too often looks the other way when it comes to powerful private interests and their control of regulatory agencies.

Donald, I love the analogy, but if I understand it properly I think that other wall was to keep the natives in, and not to keep the aliens out. Other than that nit, I agree with you completely. The decision-making process in Washington is completely broken and corrupted with money from the one-percent. This is like invading Iraq, instead of just standing back and watching Saddam fall on his own sword, as he surely would have.

Great wall of China is the analogy

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