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Letter: I’d rather keep my money

The Corker-Hoeven Amendment to the immigration reform bill that recently passed the U.S. Senate, with the ayes of Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte, will cost U.S. taxpayers about $46 billion if enacted into law. That’s about $400 for every U.S. household.

Is anybody going to sleep better at night after we cough up that money, knowing there are 20,000 more border patrol agents and a small air force of new helicopters and fighter jets on the job protecting us from our ally, Mexico? I’ll sleep better if I get to keep my $400 share in my pocket.

Shaheen’s vote might be expected, but how does Ayotte, our very own self-certified deficit hawk, defend her vote? The real irony is that the Department of Defense has been grounding airplanes and eliminating pilot training because of budget cuts forced on the DOD by the “sequester,” yet the U.S. Senate now says we can afford about $40 billion to buy more aircraft.



Legacy Comments1

Oh how we wish money was the only debacle with this disaster of a bill

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