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Letter: Moose in a coal mine

‘Warm winters, ticks challenging moose,” the AP story published July 8, should send a subtle warning to Monitor readers.

In case anyone missed the message, the moose are like “canaries in the mine,” sending a warning about how warming winters, most likely caused by human-driven climate change, can disrupt nature’s delicate balances.

Humans are also being impacted by climate change, and in many harmful ways, ranging from more fires and floods to higher food prices. And things will get worse unless we act.

Monitor readers would be wise to pay attention to this issue. It is subtle, but very real, serious and in need of our urgent attention. Check out epa.gov/climatechange for more.

To encourage action at the top level needed, please call the White House comment line, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 202-456-1111; tell them that you’d like the United States to help preserve a livable climate.



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Another canary would be salvelinus fontinalis - the brook trout. The only salmonid that is native to this area, it has been reduced to a small portion of its former range. There used to be self-sustaining populations all over New England but now many water bodies have to get by on stocked fish because two things brookies cannot tolerate are warm temps and low oxygen content in the water they inhabit. The decline in brook trout has been happening for decades. There are still some streams that have healthy populations of natives - mostly from the Lakes region north.

Dan...when I visited Joshua Tree National Park, in 2009, an NPS ranger told me that the range of the Joshua Tree has extended north about ten miles over the last two decades. Into places it has not previously been found. He suggested the cause is AGW. Sssh, don't tell sail.

"If CO2 causes wildfires, how can we explain all these massive, deadly forest fires that occurred in years like 1871, 1894, 1910, and 1918? "

Here are some headlines to read.....Forget global warming!? Earth undergoing global COOLING since 2002! Climate Scientist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘Attention in the public debate seems to be moving away from the 15-17 year ‘pause’ to the cooling since 2002’ ...... No significant warming for 17 years 4 months.......the New York Times has at last been constrained to admit what Dr. Pachauri of the IPCC was constrained to admit some months ago. There has been no global warming statistically distinguishable from zero for getting on for two decades........Even CRU’s Phil Jones admitted in a BBC interview that there had been no “statistically significant” warming since 1995 “IPCC Head Pachauri acknowledges ‘No warming for 17 years’ “Climate modeler Dr. Gavin Schmidt of NASA GISS comments on the failure of models to match real world observations.”.....“UN IPCC Lead Author Hans Von Storch Blasts Climate Scientists: Not The 'Keepers Of The Truth' -- Says They 'Oversold' The Science -- Accuses colleagues of hype & 'methodical failure'

sail...maybe you should google 'global warming'. Seems Chevron is working to reduce greenhouse gasses. Now, why would an energy company work to do that?? Could it be that they can see the writing on the wall. The wall that you say doesn't exist??

Your cut-and-paste headlines are distortions of the facts that amount to outright lies, about the findings of climate science and of climate scientists' statements, done in service to those who pay for the disinformation campaign that drives the climate change deniers' network.

The Earth is in constant flux and change. His quotes are facts, actual quotes and not "cut and paste" distortions. I have read the same things. Phil Jones is your East Anglia hero, isn't he. They oversold the science is accurate but let's be honest....the Left supports the science, not because of their concern about the environment but for a myriad of reasons, all political....like birth control, controlling habits of people, etc. Your constant demonization of anyone who disagrees with the science is what makes even more people skeptical. Keep on ranting and raving like a mad man.......please!

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