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Letter: Wasteful city spending

Oh, come on now, isn’t the Main Street project getting a little stupid? I think so. Two hundred thousand dollars for PR people seems like the city is looking for places to waste money.

I have watched this project go from simple to complicated and wasteful and from $6 million to $7 million and now to $10.3 million and rising. The $200,000 PR money will be coming out of a different fund; is that to hide the ever-rising cost? My math says that now the cost is $10.5 million, no matter which account the money comes from.

Somebody shake the city councilors. They seem to have had way too much Kool-Aid. Maybe we should do some tunnels like Boston; that worked well.

We have other issues, too. The city government was totally surprised the other day when it was revealed that the parking garage will need maintenance, after only 30 years – who wudda thunk? It will have to wait until after Main Street, one mastermind concluded. What about the Sewalls Falls bridge? The city council expressed frustration that it will take so long.

Well, we can’t spend money on important stuff until we have wasted enough money on Main Street, can we? And Penacook, another waste fest, Can’t we just have a smooth street?

And Concord residents ask, why are your taxes so high? So, how do you like the representation you are getting?

FYI, I live in Boscawen but I am a taxpayer in Concord.



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Agree with all the above contributors! Sewell Falls Bridge is falling apart. Very dangerous for anyone crossing it. I realize to pay for a new bridge involves other sources but I think it is time to put the Main Street Boondoggle in the trash can and fix the bridge before someone loses their life. It just gets better and better. Sounds like the propaganda job pushing the new schools, which were needed like a hole in the head. The latest, 160,000. to hire someone to oversee the project. Everyone knows the action is on the heights and no problem finding parking. So, Main Street will be for the Concord Elite or those who think they are. If it were not so serious, it would be laughable.

Yup, our downtown Main Street is already suffering from lack of folks doing business down there. Folks will stay away with this construction going on. My hairdresser was telling me the other day that he is having a hard time with the cost of the rent he pays for being on Main Street. I have lived here for 20 something years, and I can tell you that many businesses have had to give up their shops because of high rents.

Bill I agree. In addition, how will the downtown businesses stay in business through years of disruption, construction blocking store entrances and - anywhere - being more convenient than downtown Concord for parking/shopping? Did the planners think that shoppers just go into suspended animation during all of this, just holding their breaths until its done and returning there to shop? Like all humans, shoppers go where it is more convenient.

Excellent letter. Pretty much nailed it.

Forgetaboutit.....the beautiful people, those sitting high on their enlightened perches have spoken. The government snobbery of Concord is stunning. They don't listen, they themselves as higher thinkers with an admirable purpose. They know what is best and they know that they know it and that they are absolutely correct.

Exactly as I and many, many, others have been saying since this plan was hatched! Is it too late to put it to a vote?

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