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Letter: Senseless litter, graffiti at Dustin memorial

I am the 11-year-old vice president of the Hannah Dustin Society, Children of the American Revolution. On May 13 the Hannah Dustin members met to rake, pick up trash, cut the grass, water the plants they had planted last year and plant new ones. This week, younger brother Benjamin Monroe (soon to be a member), my grandmother and I went to check on the monument.

I was very sad with the way it was. There were beer bottles and cans everywhere, cigarette butts, cigarette packs and other trash. To my surprise, we found a sock and new spray paintings everywhere with things like: “high,” “rug is gay” and “james is gay.”

Who did this? One thing I would ask them would be “Why?”

But one very nice thing we found was one little rose on the bridge for the two people who drowned in the river. So, thank you very much to whoever put the rose there.



Legacy Comments1

As someone who's 1/16 Cherokee, I never thought of Hannah as a folk-hero.

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