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Letter: Pandering from Kuster

The constitutional mandate for Congress is to govern the country. In Section 8, 19 areas of responsibility are enumerated, essentially involving enactment of laws covering commerce, national finance, declaration of war and the like. The role of an elected member of the House of Representatives is to bring local concerns into deliberations on matters of national importance. There is nothing in the Constitution authorizing representatives to curry political favor by facilitating or expediting relationships between their constituents and the national government.

And yet, regrettably, this is precisely what some representatives of New Hampshire and other states have apparently assumed as their primary role.

I recently received a flyer from the offices of 2nd District Rep. Annie Kuster. In it she appeals to potential voters by promising to resolve problems with federal agencies, secure federal grants for individuals, help college-bound students, recognize public achievements, obtain a flag, recognize artistically talented high school students, expedite passport applications, help students find work,

What’s even more disturbing is that this blatantly political appeal was published, printed and mailed at taxpayer expense.

This is just a small indication of how the quality of governance has deteriorated in our country, with congressional representatives apparently more interested in maintaining their positions of privilege than in steering the ship of state.

We do not need this kind of “representation,” and I hope Kuster and her ilk get the message in the next ballot box.


New London

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I seem to remember Guinta getting into a little trouble with franking but lets not mention that, after all he is a Republican.

democrat Paul Hodes was the record holder in franking - he probably advises Kuster on the illegal taxpayer funded campaign maneuver

I first thought this must a pro-Kuster letter. You mean our representative in Congress is not supposed to help her NH citizens with their problems dealing with the government? Who else is going to speak for us if we don't have the money to hire a lobbying firm? Who else can we go to if we need help? Don't our two senators and two representatives speak for the people of NH? Isn't that what the word "representative" means?

Great letter and typical, remember the Hodes obscene franking. Here we go again. Did the flyer show her filling her gas tank or pretending to do any of the things that the hoi polloi are engaged in. Politics above the people should be the motto of the Democrat party. Mrs. Doubtfire is finding a sure fire way to play politics.

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