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Letter: Callous comments

To state Sen. Andy Sanborn: I am writing to share my displeasure with your incredibly callous comments comparing the new Affordable Care Act to the plane crash in San Francisco.

It is amazing that you would make such a comparison at all, but to go on about it in such a joking manner is both shameful and appalling. It seems your party has a propensity for completely insensitive, idiotic statements, so I guess I should not be so surprised.

I will be sharing this letter with as many local papers as possible to keep your constitutes aware of your comments.



Legacy Comments20

Funny, I never saw this kind of reaction after Mike Marland penned Bush on an an airliner crashing into the World Trade Center. Could it be a case of double standards? Why.....I believe it is!!

It is interesting to note that some who are defending Sanborn's comments cannot see the difference between a generic statement, such as calling something a "train wreck" and making a comment with a specific reference to a tragic event, such as the recent plane crash in San Francisco. This is another reason why you not only need to choose your elected representatives wisely, but also need to act on your decision by getting off your derriere and vote - in EVERY election. Because the people who defend clueless and ignorant comments are the same people who, time and time again, vote for people like Andy Sanborn.

The fact that people of NH elect the likes of Sanborn is a sad commentary on the state of politics. We no longer pay attention to the type of person we elect, we only look at the party tag. As a result we end up with people with little to no integrity in office. He is the prime example of the problem and an insult to intelligence. Andy I was glad you resigned your position as my Senator, and happy to see you gone. I will willingly work to keep you out of the Governors chair as you would not represent the residents of NH in a manor we deserve, but your desire for higher and higher office.

Of course I am a Pelosi fan. I really never understood what Republicans have against her or Hillary except they are strong women and Democrats. What Texas has to do with it is the huge lurch to the right of the Republican party. Sanborn, O'Brien, Tremblay, Perry, Scott, Walker, the leadership in the US house. All selfish and uncaring. They might win in their gerrymandered districts but Republicans are thought of as being mean spirited. Of course if they only watch Fox they won't realize that and will be taken by surprise at the next election again.

Actrually, nobody should just watch any media that agrees with their stances on anything. That is called being uninformed, tunnel vision , and not seeing all sides of any issue. We see that a lot on this forum. Folks giving links to information tht supports their cause, even if those links have been proven to be incorrect. As far as unkind goes, that is a tactic that the left use. They name call anybody that disagrees with them. They very rarely discuss the issues, how to fix them, or accept others who disagree with them. The hope is to shut down debate. We have become a very divided country because the media, this adminstration, etc have divided us. Race is now at the forefront of every issue. Religion is also attacked at every turn. Very sad indeed.

What is sad is people using religion as a weapon to justify forcing people to do things their way. Wonder how the Zimmerman trial would have turned out if Zimmerman was black and shot an unarmed white teenager?

What is sad is people using politics, political correctness and demonizing others as a weapon to justify forcing people to do things their way. Progressives do this all of the time. Look at Obamacare.

Nothing strong about Hillary Clinton. She is your typical cop out. The message she sends is that woman can be strong, smart and achieve, but if their husband cheats on them time and again, they are powerless to do anything about it, in fact they will lie for him. Hillary will do anything for power. Pelosi and her husband have gotten rich because of her insider trading. Contracts have been approved for his company, and she had no issue whatsover with wasting tax payer money on her spending sprees. She also says some pretty idiotic things, then tries to back track when called on them. Both women are very corrupt.

I've heard that Senator Sanborn wants to run for governor. I think that's a great idea, because I was afraid that I would have to wait until he moves into the senate district where I live (which I'm sure he'd get to eventually) before I would have the opportunity vote against him.

So he moved his home and you find that to be a problem? What about Hillary and stealing the NY Senate seat, is that not the same thinhg?

Stealing? As far as I know she still lives in NY. And it is no worse than Free Staters moving here en masse to take over the state legislature.

She moved there and purchased a home so that she could run for the Senate. What is the difference? NONE.


Response to Itsa below. No, not the same thing at all. Sen. Sanborn was first elected in his home district, but then after redistricting, he concluded that his re-election from his home district was less than certain, as it had become slightly more Democratic-leaning. So he moved to a more "friendly" district. Sen. Clinton did nothing like that. After President Clinton left office, he and Mrs. Clinton needed to live somewhere, and it is likely that Mrs. Clinton could have been a viable candidate for senate from any district in which they chose to live. Furthermore, the district she moved to was not reliably Democratic, as before Daniel Patrick Moynihan held the seat, it was held by James Buckley, the conservative brother of William F. Buckley, Jr. In other words, it is nonsense to try to compare what she did to what Sen. Sanborn did.

Republicans say such interesting things, like Stella Tremblay to mention just one.

Don't leave out Nancy Pelosi Tillie. She has been caught saying many idiotic things. Whatever you say about a pol you dislike, can also often times be said about a pol you favor. Sad, that folks have not caught on to the fact that most pols are corrupt and in it for themselves and their egos.

When has Nancy Pelosi ever said anything close to what Tremblay said about anyone especially someone who is not a pol? To even defend what Tremblay said by mentioning someone else shows how sick your whole party really is. Have you any idea what Rick Perry is doing in Texas? I really thought the tea party people where just a small part of the Republican Party, but now I realize there are no kind-hearted Republicans left.

Let me get this straight Tillie, because I said Pelsoi also says idiotic things, I was defending Tremblay. Did I get that right. geeze, that is a bit of a stretch. At least Tremblay resigned. As far as Perry goes, He is the governor of Texas not NH. Not sure what Tea party has to do with anything. And you just took a whole party and labeled them as unkind. What does that say about you? It says that you are a Pelosi fan.

V incent, You, I and everyone else knows, "Train Wreck" has been a common metaphor - for generations. Hope you can channel your excitement into something more important like ObamaCare. Now that more people are looking past the cover - the horrors are coming to light. Business saw them long ago and are laying people off, not nhiring or shifting to part-time employees. More health consumers are yelling, the soc/left legislators are jumping that sinking ship and now even the unions are upset. I am so very disappointed in any legislator (of any flavor) who voted for that boondoggle, train wreck or using the military term, Charlie Foxtrot. .

I guess now that we had a train crash up in Canada the PC People will be offended by anything compared to a train crash.....from thr dictionary......"Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a cow plop by the clean end."

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